All Over It

All Over It is a liveplace/workplace comedy that follows the ups and downs of artistic souls on the open market. It smells like beer floor, a composting toilet, and desperation, and it stars Kate Dearing, Alex Malaos, Chris O’Brien, Nadia Quinn, and Jim Santangeli and guest stars H. Jon Benjamin and Ben Sinclair. It is created, written and directed by MTV alums/college buds Ted Pauly and Melissa Silverman.



    Part 9: Who Wants Fro-Yo?

    Mike offers to treat the gang to dessert; Landlord meets them at home with vanload of surprises.



    Part 8: The Pitch

    It’s the morning of the pitch and Elyse is nowhere to be found.



    Part 7: The Landlord and his Pipes (and his Lolly)

    Mike goes off the deep end; Landlord offers the gang a deal; Elyse scrambles to meet the Ron & John’s deadline.



    Part 6: Making Musique Magique

    Mike freaks out over Elyse’s absence; Hans works on a personal project; Shannon finds her songwriting soulmate.



    Part 5: Awkward Times

    Will a hug from Mike get Elyse to focus on the Ron & John’s pitch? Can Shannon win over a rowdy club audience with her uke?



    Part 4: The F*&%ing Jingle

    Shannon gets sidetracked while working on a jingle for Ron and John’s; Elyse and Darren rise above Elyse’s shortcomings.

  • Part 3: Rendez-Vous

    Mike, Hans, and Shannon visit Ron and John’s Magic Rag to drum up business. Elyse plays hooky, possibly with her gynecologist.



    Part 2: Brainstorm Sesh

    The Batatat Collective contemplate their mission and rest stop game rooms, and can’t agree on either.



    Part 1: The Morning After

    The Batatat Collective wakes up to the ramifications of inviting people of all shapes and sizes and so on to their party.