Foodie Call

In our new weekly series Foodie Call, Justin Warner chats with an array of culinary gurus about the latest food trends.



    Caprese Salad Remix

    Justin welcomes the spring season with Nicole Baum of Gotham Greens. Using the freshest locally grown basil, Justin takes the classic caprese salad to the next level with a refreshing basil sorbet and basil seed caviar.



    Deep Fried Deviled Eggs

    Justin Warner meets with famed chef Anita Lo to talk eggs and why they’re always popular. They go through all the ways you can prepare an egg, which inspires Justin to think of a new creation: the deep-fried deviled egg.



    Instant Ramen Tamales

    Justin Warner meets up with Ivan Ramen creator Ivan Orkin to talk about the recent boom of ramen noodles. Justin then takes store-bought ramen and creates two unique and surprising dishes.



    Jerky for Breakfast

    Justin Warner looks into the trend of jerky with Brent Young of the popular Brooklyn butcher shop, The Meat Hook