A future-set story in which a virus has wiped out most of the human race, and those still alive have their minds linked to the Internet 24 hours a day. Here, a viral incident leads to a new world order.


    Helsinki, Finland – 7 years before it happened
    Topi, now in a physical relationship with Manta, goes to a crime scene which is technically out of his office’s jurisdiction. His boss holds him back, but a look at the victim offers a tantalizing clue.


    Oria, Italy – 3 months before it happened
    Matteo, in priestly robes, faints as he meets Simona in his church – when he wakes he blames it on his body adapting to his new H+. In the pew, he tries to make a personal connection with Simona, who confesses to visions past and future.

  • H+ Ep. 48 – Season Finale: Visions of What’s Come

    Our world – when it happened
    At the data center, Kenneth has something else up his sleeve for Jason.

  • H+ Episode 47: On The Brink

    Western Ireland – 30 minutes before it happened
    Breanna’s relationship with Connal reaches a breaking point, as secrets past and present are unearthed.

  • H+ Episode 46: Sacred Science

    The Vatican, Italy – 2 years after it happened
    Topi crashes into where Gurveer is hiding with Vadish…he carries a desperately sick Manta. Gurveer knows what is causing Manta such pain.

  • H+ Episode 45: Der Wahre Übermensch

    Hamburg, Germany – 3 years before it happened
    Topi chases Manta into a German subway station desperate to have her hear his one plea.

  • H+ Episode 43: Make Things Right

    Northern California, USA – 2 weeks before it happened
    While rallying his troops, Jason’s mechanical body brace gives out and he is unable to move his arms and legs.

  • H+ Episode 44: From/To Level 6

    Southern Alaska, USA – 1 year after it happened
    Kenneth, Simona and Francesca reach the Alaska Data Center, but there is a surprise waiting for them there.

  • H+ Episode 42: Temporary

    Yozgat, Turkey – 1 year after it happened
    Riding with Gurveer and baby Vadish in the back seat, Leena connects with Connal for the first time in a year…and reaches an unsettling discovery.

  • H+ Episode 41: Pronto

    Oria, Italy – 3 months before it happened
    Concealing his H+ connection from Jason and the neo-Luddites, Kenneth forms a plan a continent away.

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