A future-set story in which a virus has wiped out most of the human race, and those still alive have their minds linked to the Internet 24 hours a day. Here, a viral incident leads to a new world order.

  • H+ Episode 40: Two of Them

    Rome, Italy – 2 years after it happened
    Manta, having hallucinations, reaches out to Matteo for help. She says she doesn’t need him to be a priest, but wants him to listen to her confession.

  • H+ Episode 39: Long Term Benefits

    Dunbara, Republic of Congo – 7 years before it happened
    Peters and Gurveer negotiate with a remote African chief, promising, “When you see what it can do for you and your tribe, you’ll realize money is nothing in comparison.”

  • H+ Episode 37: Gross Figure

    New York, USA – 8 years before it happened
    Jason wants a fair settlement for the harm caused him by LPW, a biotech firm. The LPW lawyer interprets things differently.

  • H+ Episode 38: On The Inside

    Rome, Italy – 2 years after it happened
    Topi reaches the base and finds a clue: a message from Manta meant only for him.

  • H+ Episode 36: How to Hack a Data Center

    Southern Alberta, Canada – 8 months after it happened
    Working with Simona, Kenneth struggles to set up a familiar network.

  • H+ Episode 35: Query String

    Northern California, USA – 3 years before it happened
    Kenneth has a dream and wakes with an insight that drives him to alert someone immediately.

  • H+ Episode 33: On The Exterior

    Northern California, USA – 3 years before it happened
    Jason and his fringe political clan of neo-Luddites have raised the stakes and kidnapped an enemy to their cause…and let him know what they want from him.

  • H+ Episode 34: Endure

    Mumbai, India – 8 months after it happened
    In the post-disaster India, Gurveer visits Leena’s small village with one goal in mind, and encounters a reaction he doesn’t expect.

  • H+ Episode 32: Seeds

    Dunbara, Republic of Congo – 1 year after it happened
    Topi and the young soldier search for Dunbara – a village burned to the ground long ago. They find the area and dig; Topi knows what he is looking for…

  • H+: The Digital Series Episode 31: “Original Sync”

    In an underground medical experiment, a figure presses a nervous Gurveer to bring his new implanted chip to full power on an unlikely test subject.