A short-form series which showcases women who have made a difference.


    S:1 E:1 | “Jessica Matthews”

    Jessica Matthews believes the greatest innovators are kids at heart. So her invention, the SOCCKET, is as simple as it is brilliant: a soccer ball that harnesses the kinetic energy of play to create electrical energy.


    S:1 E:2 | “Allyson Ahlstrom”

    Allyson Ahlstrom was only 14 when she realized that teenagers in the foster care system and extreme poverty shared her love of fashion and desire to succeed, but couldn’t dress to express themselves. So she founded Threads for Teens, a free boutique serving thousands of at-risk girls.


    S:1 E:3 | “Kavita Shukla”

    Kavita Shukla was just a middle schooler when she realized that extending the life of food could change the lives of millions. Now, at 29, her invention, FreshPaper is revolutionizing food storage and freshness in 35 countries


    S:1 E:4 | “Rebecca Welsh”

    Sometimes, art can help give kids a voice when words fail. Rebecca Welsh’s HALO Foundation works with children facing hardship around the world, providing them with the support and supplies they need to unlock their creativity and self-expression.


    S:1 E:5 | “Chrissy Beckles”

    What would you do to save an animal from suffering? On Puerto Rico’s “Dead Dog Beach,” Chrissy Beckles discovered thousands of abandoned and abused dogs—and was inspired to lace on her boxing gloves and devote her life to fighting for them.


    S:1 E:6 | “Rosie Huntington-Whiteley”

    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley concludes the film series by reflecting on the amazing women in her life, why she pushes herself to evolve and grow, and how the women in the INSPIRED series are inspiring her.