Next Time On Lonny



Each episode of Next Time on Lonny details what will happen next week on the fake reality show, Lonny. While beginning with mild-mannered Lonny doing something mundane, it quickly devolves into a different genre-bending adventure story.



    Episode 2 – Lonny’s Disastrous First Date

    Lonny met a girl named Bethany at a bowling alley. They’re going to chill in Brooklyn for the day, but it’s not a date! Are they a match for each other or will Lonny strike out again?



    Episode 1 – Lonny Gets Lucky

    Lonny and Carolyn finally have a night alone together now that Chet, Lonny’s roommate, is going out for the night. Will Lonny and Carolyn take “the next step” in their relationship, or will something get in the way?