Vanity Code

Vanity Fair’s animated “How-To” series offers practical solutions for impractical situations, like “How to Behave at a Swingers’ Party,” or “How to Feign Interest in Your Boss’s Children.”

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    It looks like the yoga trend isn’t going anywhere, but can you fake until you make it?



    Even for single foxes out there, Valentine’s Day can still be a day of isolated loneliness.



    Congrats, you got the job! There’s just one minor problem: your new company wants you to take a drug test and you’ve been doing more Molly than an Irish bartender and more cocaine than a 70s Oscar winner.



    You’ve gone and done it again. Caught pushing 80 m.p.h. in a 40 zone, and now the 5-0 is about to write you up with a pesky little fine.